What is TMS?

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is an FDA approved treatment for depression that uses MRI-like magnetic pulses to help increase neuronal activity in a specific area of the brain associated with mood regulation. 

Safely targeting this specific area of the brain allows for an opportunity to increase neuroplasticity and activity in these regions, and a reduction in depression symptoms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Deep TMS 

At Square TMS, we provide Deep TMS using Brainsway's patented H-Coil. This technology was designed to target deeper, harder to reach areas of the brain, increasing treatment efficacy. 

TMS: The Basics

 Watch this video to learn some basic information about TMS

*We no longer have locations in Danvers or Concord. We can be found in Watertown, Weymouth, and Woburn. 

Some patients find that antidepressant medications either do not work well enough for them or they find the side effects to be unbearable, which then begins to interfere with the patient's everyday life.

With TMS, only about 50% of patients report experiencing a headache or mild sclap discomfort during the first few sessions of TMS. 
These side effects tend to diminish after first week or two of treatment as the patient's body becomes more used to TMS.
Patients are welcome to treat this discomfort with traditional over-the-counter headache medications such as NSAIDs.

We mitigate the risk of seizure (less than 1%) by addressing potential risk factors prior to each patients' treatment and by denying patients with a history of seizures and/or a seizure disorder.

Our Results


% of our patient that reach Remission from Depression


% of our patients who received a positive response
(50% decrease in PHQ9 scores)

TMS Patient Experience


TMS Evaluation

Patient meets with one of our TMS Certified Providers for free to determine if TMS is an appropriate
treatment option


Insurance Authorization

If our provider thinks TMS is a good option, our team begins to work on having TMS treatment covered by the patient's insurance



Once approved, the patient is scheduled for their initial appointment which includes finding the correct location and intensity level for the patient's unique needs


Follow ups

TMS treatment protocol requires patients to come in for 36 total sessions, 5 days per week with
each lasting about 20 minutes 


Post Treatment

After TMS treatment is completed, our staff stays in touch with patients to hear how their progress is going and to help answer questions around maintenance and/or retreatment 

TMS Patient Interview

Watch this interview to learn more about the TMS patient experience

About us

Founded in 2008, Square Medical Group is one of Massachusetts’ leading providers of comprehensive behavioral health services. We offer a wide range of innovative and evidence based services for mental health and substance use disorders with a continuum of care that includes: medication management, individual and group therapy, IOP, PHP, day treatment, residential treatment, TMS and neuropsych testing.