Frequently Asked Questions

Is TMS covered by Insurance?

TMS is covered by most insurance companies (see the list below) for patients with treatment resistant depression. 

BlueCross BlueShield of MA
Boston Medical Center HealthNet
Commonwealth Care Alliance
Fallon Health Care
Harvard Pilgrim
Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP)
Neighborhood Health Plan
Network Health
Tufts Health Care
United Health Care
Self pay options available
(if your insurance does not approve you for TMS treatment, ask our team about our affordable
out-of-pocket treatment options)

If you do not see your insurance provider on the list above, let us know and we can contact them directly. 

How can I get started? Do I need a referral?

No referral necessary. You can call us directly at 617.916.5069 and we will be able to schedule a free TMS Evaluation, help answer questions about the treatment, and determine which location is most convenient for you.

Are there side effects associated with TMS?

There are no lasting side effects associated with TMS. During the first week or two of treatment, some patients report mild scalp discomfort or a mild headache. These symptoms normally subside after the first couple treatment sessions and patients are allowed to take common headache medication (NSAIDS) to aleiviate any headache pain. There is a less than 1% risk of seizure.

Is TMS the same thing as ECT/Shock Therapy?

TMS is not like ECT. ECT requires sedation, induces a seizure and is often associated with side effects such as memory loss. TMS, however, is non-invasive and uses MRI-like magnetic pulses to facilitate neuronal activity. Unlike ECT, TMS patients are awake during treatment and can drive themself home or to work after their session.

I don’t have a car, can I still get TMS?

Of course! For patients that do not have reliable transportation, we offer complementary rides to and from your sessions through Uber Health, a nonemergency medical transportation platform where the rider calls you when they’re ready to pick you up.

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