Still Struggling to Treat Your Depression?

Looking for an alternative to another medication?
Learn more about how we use Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS),
a FDA approved treatment, 
to help treat depression and other mental health disorders

Treatment Resistant Depression is more common than you think.

You Are Not Alone.

We work with our patients and their care team to help determine the best
treatment options for each individual patient

We Offer Deep TMS

Deep TMS penetrates deeper into brain, hitting targeted areas that are harder to reach.

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Anxiety? Let's talk about "Anxious Depression"

Major Depressive Disorder with anxiety symptoms

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About us

Founded in 2008, Square Medical Group is one of Massachusetts’ leading providers of comprehensive behavioral health services. We offer a wide range of innovative and evidence based services for mental health and substance use disorders with a continuum of care that includes: medication management, individual and group therapy, IOP, PHP, day treatment, residential treatment, TMS and neuropsych testing.